The Cryptography Group in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering carries out research on a wide range of topics in the foundations and applications of cryptography. These include public-key and symmetric cryptography, obfuscation, attribute-based and functional encryption, secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proofs, anonymous credentials, post-quantum and quantum cryptography, information-theoretic cryptography, and more.

We meet weekly for a reading group/seminar. Also subscribe to seattle-crypto for annoucements of cryptography-related events in the Seattle area.

Check out our cryptography classes.

Our research has been supported by NSF, DARPA, the Simons Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, CISCO, JP Morgan, and Microsoft.

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Graduate Students


Former Members

John Retterer Moore
MS 2015

Wei Dai
MS 2016 → UCSD (PhD) → Bain Capital Crypto (Research Partner)

Binyi Chen
PhD 2019 → Google → Espresso Systems (Chief Cryptographer)

Michael Agun
PhD 2019 → Western Digital

Pratik Soni
PhD 2020 → CMU (postdoc) → University of Utah (Assistant Professor)

Xihu Zhang
MS 2022 → Oracle

Ashrujit Ghoshal
PhD 2022 → CMU (postdoc)

Viet Tung Hoang
Postdoc 2015-16 → Florida State University (Assistant Associate Professor)

Christian Matt
Postdoc 2017-18 → Concordium (Senior Researcher)

Aishwarya Thiruvengadam
Postdoc 2017-18 → TU Darmstadt (Postdoc) → IIT Madras (Assistant Professor)

Marshall Ball
Postdoc 2020-21 (CI Fellow) → New York University (Assistant Professor)

Joseph Jaeger
Postdoc 2019-21 → Georgia Institute of Technology (Assistant Professor)

Tianren Liu
Postdoc 2019-21 → Peking University (Assistant Professor)